Wee Knob: Since 2021

Born in Glasgow

Since 2021, we have been passionately crafting premium butter using locally sourced ingredients. We take pride in our traditional methods, ensuring a rich and creamy texture that delights taste buds with every bite. From classic salted to innovative flavoured varieties, our butter has quickly become a staple in households and restaurants across the city.

Strength, locally

Our artisanal butter company is founded on the belief that exceptional ingredients create extraordinary products. Since our establishment, we have remained committed to sourcing only the finest, high-quality ingredients for our butter-making process. We take great care in selecting the best ingredients, resulting in a rich, flavourful butter that embodies the true essence of craftsmanship.

We cherish the strong bond we’ve established with local produce suppliers. By working closely with them, we ensure a steady supply of fresh, locally sourced ingredients that elevate the taste and quality of our artisanal butter, while also supporting and promoting the community of local businesses in Scotland. We take pride in every batch and believe in uncompromised quality produce always.

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